10.07.2020 : Innovation/Penetration

In 1994/96 Prof.Dr.Hallier initiated as an anti-crisis response to the British Cow Desease (BSE) in the AgriBusiness the German tracing/ tracking system Orgainvent for cows and beef which later was the basis for EU-regulations ( see pic "From Crisis to Competence" and Link "Tils Cutting House"). 25 years later the historic review and proposals for application within Developing Economies in the Reader about Animal Sourced Food published by Prof. Dr. I.M.Khan from the University of Faisalabad/Pakistan shows how long global penetration of innovation in the food chain needs !

See also the YouTube-Link TILS-Cuttinghouse


In 2020 Prof.Hallier demands as a response to COVID-19 to add to the standards of global food distribution an enlargement of the focus HACCP and also a Chapter about Social Welfare for Labour : "We are all in a Responsibility Chain in global suppply : we cannot claim targets for animal welfare while neglecting the human beings" he stated demanding an equilibrium between Economics, Ecology and Ethics.

30.06.2020 : New Thinking Needed

Comparing political developments between 2010 and 2020 Prof.Dr.Hallier sees an urgent need for New Thinking : "We unfortunately destroyed by national egoism international organisational frames of trust and security in the last decade" he states at the start of the German Presidency of the EU. "Corona and the Climate Change should teach us the need for joint global action for human survival".

For Hallier unilateral trade sanctions are crime against humanity; tools like the "veto" at the UN are outdated for him because they are based on global hegemony after World War II or even still part of the colonial centuries. He demands equal votes like at the OSZE also for the UN to become a globe of equals. For Hallier G-Global could be helpful as a bridge for new thinking between East and West.

20.06.2020 : 20 years BLMM

For 20 years the University of Osijek/ Croatia is organizing an annual Conference about Logistics. "The fact of 20 years continuity is already the proof of substance" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier said in a statement.


"In a global world of high speed competition MODERN LOGISTICS plays an important role - also lately additionally due to innovations about the last mile"! The lectures are double checked and edited : for more information please contact logistics@blmm-conference.com.

10.06.2020 : International Standards

In October 2017 the Thematic University Network (Food) was started at the ANUGA Exhibition in Cologne as a manifest for blended learning about standards along the distribution from farm to fork. The former ERA-trainee Dr. Alina Pukhovskaya designed the www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN) as a multi-lingual option for global training.


Now Violena Nencheva from Bulgaria starts her ERA-training by pushing the Spanish TUN-Site ; her next step in applied sciences would be Middle- or South America. Language is important not only for the flow of product distribution but also for the knowledge distribution in a globalizing world as Prof.Dr.Hallier stated when welcoming Violena Nencheva.

30.05.2020 : COVID-19 Challenge

The CREATIVITY of retail can be seen according to Prof.Dr.Hallier in a lot of short-term initiatives to protect consumers in the food business against COVID-19. Some of the best practices will become teaching material for blended learning at this Site in one of the next News-editions.


Part of the overall effort to contain the spread of the virus had been on the level with trading partners to guarantee supplies despite panic buying; instore-operations had been partly re-arranged ; own personnel had to be educated for the new situation and consumers to be instructed to change shopping-behavior; e-commerce had been speeded up to reduce risks for people better to stay at home. Prof Hallier gives a lot of credit-points to the "Heroes of Supply".

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