20.09.2020 : Deep Grief

Prof. Jiri Jindra was head of the Czech-Slovak Research Institute of Trade when in 1989 the Wall between East and West broke. He immediately visited with a delegation Prof. Hallier at the EHI Retail Institute in Germany and both agreed to start a close cooperation. In 1993 Jindra was back at the university in Prague and became Dean of the International Faculty of the VSE. Books to be mentioned from that time are Trade Logistics (1993) and International Retailing (2002).

But Prof.Jiri Jindra was also a personality to communicate not only in academic circles but he was a Professor for Applied Sciences. He helped to establish the first Czech Retail Association (SVAZ OBCHODU) and he initiated the Czech Retail Summit which he presided for over a decade. At that annual Conference he brought together retail/wholesale, politicians and researchers. In size and content it was an unique light-house for all Central Europe. The flavour of that event kicked-off the idea to create together in 2005 the European Retail Academy. "Thank you, my dear friend, for all the thoughts and connections you brought into our network - you incorporated not only knowledge but you have been "The Gentleman" beyond international academia." B.H.

10.09.2020 : Market Structure & Applied Technology

Market Structures are one side of a medal and Applied Technologies another side Prof.Hallier explained in a course for vocational studies. Comparing structures of Germany versus China the Chinese retailers are still today acting on a more local basis like in Germany in the 50ies/60ies ; but it has on the total national level the advantage of less listing barriers for a broad assortment and innovations than in an oligopoly he stated. "The chances of market tests are still great".

"But going hybrid by using online-to-offline processing and building Retail Knowledge Consortia for example with delivery experts like Ele.com, Meituan , J.D.com or Dmall or cooperating with cashless payment-systems China is already ahead of the state of art of most of the European countries" Prof.Hallier added. "The branded goods industry and all companies interested in exports to China should include into their marketing approaches the opportunities of the two-dimensional code". More :Link ChinaYouTube).

30.08.2020 : Electronic City Marketing

Already in 1999 Prof.Dr.Hallier created an EHI-Workshop for Electronic City Marketing in Germany. In three steps within two years a concept was discussed with experts from the city marketing associations , IT-experts and retailers; a framework for a research-project defined and a pitch for communication agencies organized ( see pic : retail technology 4/01, p. 28/29 ) . A test should have been run in five cities ranging from small to medium and big cities.



"Unfortunately the financial support for the 3 million Euro by potential sponsors failed at that time : peanuts seen in the review of more than 20 years. All actors of city marketing would have gained a lot of know-how which in 2020 is urgently needed due to the Covid 19 disruption." Prof.Hallier claimed in welcome greetings for international guests of the 25th CORP Conference in the city of Aachen . ( more about the Conference at LINK ).

20.08.2020 : Culture&Intership

As an AIESEC-student Bernd Hallier visied 50 years ago Turkey, Israel, USA, SouthAfrica and Japan - later as a professional he lectured at all continents around the globe. In 2005 Professor Hallier founded the European Retail Academy to promote vocational competence in retail; in 2011 he was awarded with the "Star of Eurasia" and the title "Honorary Ambassador of Peace" by the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.


Working in the Silk Road Mayors' Club LINK and cooperating with China's Two-dimensional Code Industry (ZIIOT) Prof.Hallier added now a MOU with Global Cultural Adventures GCA) / Beijing to the global network. "Cultural exchanges and international interships for the youth of the world should belong to the standards for future global leaders" Hallier stated signing the MOU.

10.08.2020 : MainStreams/ Disruptions

For the time since 1800 Prof.Dr.Hallier explored and described innovation-cycles of trade (wholesale/retail) which occur roughly all 25 years. Now he is listing disruptions which result in economic/social impacts/change of mainstreams of centuries.

15th Luca Pacioli innovates the transparency of trade (flow of capital) by the system of "double bookkeeping" - being used by Jakob Fugger to build up the Fugger Empire

16th Johannes Gutenberg breaks the monopoly of publications via monchs/monestries by printing machines

17th David Ricardo discovers the comparative advantages of specialization and increases by this the dynamics in international trade : leading also to the trade triangle UK - Africa - USA

18th Steam engines drive the scale of industrial mass-production and shift by this the dominance of skills towards the price

19th retail is switching from open market-places towards brick-stone architecture becoming part of city-planning and of a new urban life-style / Commenwealth Century

20th the overall availability of products leads to mass-consumption / marketing enables the hidden persuasion/ US Century

21st the internet lowers the costs of global communication (partly to zero) and is increasing transparency of supply (products as well as human resources) ; consumers become empowered by social media and change from local brick and stone towards global digital store formats / Asian Century

"This century started with Consumerism uniting the Western World with the former Eastern Block, China and India" Prof.Dr.Hallier explained in a lecture History&Future. " But Covid 19, the Warming of the Globe and political disruptions for trade are damaging that main-stream of the last century. We have to reconsider Old Thinking and to come to a Balance between Economics, Ecology and Ethics - which also means no longer the geopolitical dominance of one area/country block but a balance of several options cooperating by common standards and world-wide accepted institutions" Hallier added.

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