20.09.2021 : Revitalization Project

The community of artists has been hit by lock-downs caused by Corona in 2020/2021 worldwide; additionally for example in Germany in summer 2021 local floods devastated former romantic villages along the rivers of Ahr, Mosel, Sülz and killed more than 300 people.


To revitalize the creative spirit and energy of the people in this situation the Mayor of the small city of Rösrath (near Cologne) Bondina Schulze invited its artists and inhabitants to participate in an exhibition of its local artists. The KTG-Art Foundation of the European Retail Academy was represented by M.-C. Hallier by a Bat-Tryptychon : showing the beauty of bats in contrast to their negative image due to Corona - and a surreale landscape from Simon Stockhausen : with fractale elements printed on acryl glas based on a photo taken just only some days before the peaceful little river destroyed some hundred of houses in Rösrath (more catalogue).

20.06.2021 : Slowing down

Well-off citizens from Hamburg/Germany started in the 19th century to use the coast-villages Timmendorf and Scharbeutz of the near-by Baltic Sea for health-recovery in the summer months. Some even did build holiday-resorts along the sea-promenade: and even do it today in fancy old-style like Scandinavia or newly adjusted Japanese-style homes (see photo). People like Albert Einstein or the architect Walter Gropius enjoyed relaxing here and also since 1950 Prof.Dr.Hallier regularly already during his childhood/school- and university-time in Hamburg spent some time in summer for recovery in Timmendorf/Scharbeutz.


In 1970 in Timmendorf started a medical concept being based on research of Prof.Dr.Hans Curschmann : to combine fresh air, sport-activities for revitalization of patients of heart-deseases and relaxation for the body, mind and soul as a holistic system. It is worth mentioning that also his father Prof.Dr.Heinrich Curschmann was a great innovator in applied medical sciences : he planned the Hamburg University Clinic UKE. The main focus of the Timmendorf clinic (link) is to change the mind of the people from a hectic life to a more relaxed life-style

20.04.2021 : Secure Harbour

In times of stormy weather sailors look for secoure harbours - in times of Corona and lock-downs of galleries or exhibitions many artists felt in their lives lost like in a storm ! The small German city of St.Augustin tried to create a light-house for the artists and to draw the attention of the public to the situation of art in these circumstances. Not being able to help by indoor-events due to legal restrictions they placed posters of paintings from the International Club of Artists (IKV) around the mayor's house ( see collage of visit of the mayor).


The painter and art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier participated by "an abstract head full of memories and dreams" claiming that in times of Corona or Wars the own head "is a secure harbour for resilience of the soul of human beings".

20.01.2021 : Post Covid Period

"For Human Resilience it is important to get people out of the status of legarthy after the medical crisis of Corona" M.-C. Hallier from the KTG-Foundation for Art and Art Therapy/Germany demanded in a digital lecture for Circle International - organized in 2021 by the University of Vitez/Bosnia-Herzogowina, Gloucerstershire University and Salford University/ both UK. "People urgently need again dreams and coulors!" she claimed (Presentation)


Circle International was institutionalized in 2004 as an international pan-University research unit and platform with annual meetings circling around its members to prepare a stage for young scientists gaining experience beyond borders and to communicate in the English language.

06.12.2020 : Omnis Mundi Creatura

M.-C. Hallier (painter and art therapist of the Alanus University/Germany) since her Bachelor Exhibition in 2012 about "Earth and Comos" has her focus on nature and the impact of climate change and human wrong doing in behaviour concerning the habitat and biodiversity.


Since 2020 in her series "Omnis Mundi Creatura" she is as a painter choosing the format of small aquarell paintings for animals as a symbol for their small micro-cosmos and as a hint that even small actions can help in a wake-up call: "because the world be shown in those paintings might be seen no longer in the real world soon" she explained in a lecture.

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