15.05.2019 : Castle Ambiente

The Water-Castle of Satzvey near the city of Cologne/Germany was mentioned first in the year 1368. In 1977 the owner-family Count F.J.Graf Beissel von Gymnich started to use the ambiente to organize annually historical events (More: YouTube video)


Since 2012 the family even created an event company/GmbH which is nowadays responsible for great public events with fights of horsemen and medieval markets as well as for private marriage-parties.

15.03.2019 : Paper Art

Finland and the German area of "Bergisches Land" in North Rhine Westfalia are well known for its paper production. The city of Paimio/Finland and Odenthal/Germany are even twin-cities.


Now both cities celebrate their friendship by a new papaer-art-sculpture from Wolfgang Heuwinkel. It combines the tree with the cellulose : in this case the tree is even coming from Finland.

15.02.2019 : Mourning

Part of the education to become an art-therapist are modules about mourning by self-reflection and palliative workshops for students as shown for example in the YouTube of the Alanus University in Alfter/Germany (YouTube).


Another example for mourning is the painting of the Belgian artist Jean Wegnez, who remembers by this picture his sister-in-law Professor Jacqueline Wegnez and her plays at the piano - and who died in 2018.

15.11.2018 : Evening Schools

In Germany voluntary additional qualification is offered in evening classes at so-called VHS-Volkshochschulen. They range from topics like language-courses to the daily applications of computers, to politics/society/environment, to health and well-being, to arts.

In Bergisch-Gladbach for example students from the local artist Frank Heller show each year their paintings within a public vernissage and exhibition at the rooms of the VHS-building. Students and teacher reward by this procedure the investment into the development of the civil society.

05.10.2018 : Women's Museum Bonn

In 1981 in Bonn/Germany a group of ladies - working interdisciplinary - founded under the leadership of the artist Marianne Pitzen (photo) the first Women's Museum worldwide. In 2018 it is supported by about 350 sponsors (for more information : frauenmuseum@bonn-online.com).

Bonn is also founding member of the International Association of Women's Museums ( IAWM ), starting in 2008 in Meran/Italy and transformed in 2012 to a non-profit club.

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