10.10.2019 : Heritage Craft

The city of Xi'an / China - known for the Terracotta Army - is also a pool of traditional craft. At the bazaar next to the great mosque drum tower the finger printing artist Zeng follows his forefathers business to paint beautiful Chinese landscapes by only using the fingers and palms of his hands.

The classification of Chinese ink as thick ink, light ink, dry ink and wet ink is according to its proportion to water. The fingers draw different levels of shade ( black/white) and create by this technique the unique lingering charm ( more : 258621251@qq.com).

25.09.2019 : Heritage Fashion

In China recently the young generation discovers romantic traditional fashion again. In the evenings or for walks in parks quite often boys and girls are seen old style dressed.

For photos in traditional outfits at ancient highlights like the mediaeval city wall of Xi''an young couples reserve photo-dates for upto

20.08.2019 : Africa in Transition

In 2025 Africa is expected to contribute 20 percent of the global population. "But Africa has to be seen as a diversity of 54 countries with 2000 languages and about 3000 ethnical groups! To strengthen Africa's position we have to look for an integrated structure of communication. The inaugural GFVC 4.0 in South Africa at June 23-26th, 2020 is a mission to unlock the economic potential of the African Fashion value chain" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier explained in a statement to support this revolutionary Pan African summit (more: GFVC Federation of Africa)

"African children have great talents for design and they use bright coulors which give their art a special flavour" Marie-Christin Hallier, art-therapist, is summarizing her experience with workshops in South Africa (YouTube) and Kenya (YouTube).

20.07.2019 : Myth and History

Since 2012 exchange students from the European Retail Academy regularly produce YouTubes about aspects/emotions about their vocational traineeship in Germany. For Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier the medium YouTube is an useful tool to document and to penetrate especially young peoples feelings


In 2019 Saku Viiri from Rovaniemi/Finland used his stay in the Rhineland/Germany to learn more about the romantic River Rhine, the myth of the Siegfried Saga, the Castle Satzvey and the history of the city of Cologne : the result is the following YouTube: (Link)

27.06.2019 : Social Inclusion

"Additional to mental/body handicaps lately there are also quite a lot of social disruptions due to wars/other migration or just from conflicts within the surrounding of people" the German art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier ( Her Website ) stated explaining her additional education for social development therapy.


The socio-emotional profile of the patients is measured and documented over several weeks . Especially focussed are frights, defense mechanisms, chances for social interventions, the individual private reality and the evaluation of the living environment. In Germany the specific courses for teachers are taught in a mix of theory and applied/vocational case-studies and supervision of 48 hours over a period of a year.

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