20.02.2018 : Art with children

In the development of children art plays a special role: all what cannot be expressed by words can mostly be communicated by forms and colours. The Dueren Painting Workshop shows how inspired children follow their educators in a museum : most of them at such an exhibition for the first time.

Also as a part of social programs art can be an important factor like the work with underpriviledged children in McGregor, South Africa or in the Shangilia Slum in Nairobi/Kenya.


20.01.2018 : Rachmaninov

The brilliant composer, conductor and pianist Sergei V. Rachmaninov (1873-1943) was born within a Russian aristocrate family near Novgorod. Parts of his oevre were played by Prof. Vladimir Ovchinnikow at a reception by the General Consul Vladimir Sedykh and his wife in Bonn.

Also the ambiente of the event is very historic: it was after World War II in 1949/50 the home of the first German post-war President and it was the place to announce the first government lead by Konrad Adenauer. Later it became the Embassy of the Soviet Union in West Germany. After the German reunification and the transfer of the German government to Berlin, the building is the Consulate General of Russia and a meeting point of cultural dialogues.
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10.12.2017 : IKV - FoodWaste

The International Association of Artists has for more than a decade had the objective to organize the artistic and cultural network. IKV has an international membership community - and they exhibit internationally.

In March/April 2017 they exhibited for the first time paintings with the topic of FoodWaste at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi - now IKV decided to focus this topic again in July/August 2018 at the Gallery of the Mayor's House in Menden/Germany.


03.11.2017 : Affordable art

Also in Africa "Affordable Art" is a hot topic - presented for example in November of 2017 at the Nairobi National Museum. One of the specials for this exhibition: Free admission at Nov. 4/5th!

The Affordable Art Show is the largest juried art show in East Africa, which covers 300 entries from Kenya and neighbouring countries. There is a second special at Saturday morning: the Children's Art Appreciation Tour through the exhibition - followed by a session of painting for the children, to explore their creativity.


20.10.2017: Latvia

In Latvia the "KOKLES" is a very important, ancient music instrument for the Latvian folk music. It can be traced back to 6th century. It is played around the Baltic states in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and small part of Russia.

Rozīte Katrīna Spīča

Rozīte Katrīna Spīča (CV) is introducing KOKLES not only around Latvia - for example at the opening of the three ISMA CONFERENCES (see: European Retail Academy ) - but also in Australia, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain, USA (see also YouTube Video).

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