15.02.2020 : Heritage Preservation

In the 19th century within the industrial revolution the coal and steel production with its polluted air caused the terminus "Black Country" as a label for the Midlands/UK. Mining and the production of nails, chains and anchors as well as for example the iron pillars of the Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of 1851 are standing for that time and the Midlands.

While the dominance of the heavy industry eroded in the middle of the 20th century a site of 26 acres of former industrial land was bought for a Black Country Living Museum nearby the city of Dudley. Original features like stores, a church and other 150 items have been augmented and a collection of 66.000 objects like cars, boats, pots and pans amassed for exhibition; volunteers and staff dressed in costumes of the past demonstrate the old crafts and habits.

15.01.2020 : Bloom Award

At the Duesseldorf Art exhibition the Warsteiner Brewery promoted for the 10th time young artists by its international Bloom Award. At the photo all 2019 finalists (out of 89 applications) and the jury-members enjoy the event of the award presentation.


Warsteiner's engagement in art started thirty years ago when Andy Warhol did choose a Warsteiner beer-glas ("Pilstulpe") as one of his motives. In 2010 the Bloom Award by Warsteiner was initiated - and in 2013 its Art Collection started. For Prof.Dr.B.Hallier collecting and sponsoring art is a tool not only on the micro-level of individual companies for marketing - but it also shows in his philosophy on the macro-level the status of civil society.

15.12.2019 : Art Duesseldorf

For the third time Art Duesseldorf exhibits in the capital of NorthRhineWestfalia. Out of around 100 booths half of them are from abroad (with a high proportion from the Benelux countries) - 10 percent are from Asia and the USA. By this mixture Art Duesseldorf positions itself as an international fair with strong regional roots.


Highlights are among others special projects with Duesseldorf's twin city Warsaw/Poland and the Contemporary Art Foundation Tokyo/Japan. Last but not least Art Duesseldorf continues according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to promote young artists.

15.11.2019 : Dico Zograf

In context with the World Congress of Entrepreneurs in Skopje the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences invited for a Vernissage of 200 years of Dico Zograf in its rooms.

D.Dico Krstevic produced between 1840 and 1868 approximately two thousand icons and dozens of fresco ensembles in a symbosis of traditional and new, traditional past-Byzantine and modern Baroque paintings.

10.10.2019 : Heritage Craft

The city of Xi'an / China - known for the Terracotta Army - is also a pool of traditional craft. At the bazaar next to the great mosque drum tower the finger printing artist Zeng follows his forefathers business to paint beautiful Chinese landscapes by only using the fingers and palms of his hands.

The classification of Chinese ink as thick ink, light ink, dry ink and wet ink is according to its proportion to water. The fingers draw different levels of shade ( black/white) and create by this technique the unique lingering charm ( more : 258621251@qq.com).

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