The Forum Art Business (FAB) will be an international link between national associations of art galleries, their members, their suppliers and all people interested in the development of this trade sector. The emphasis is

  • to establish transparency of the management of art galleries
  • to help benchmarking galleries
  • to discover trends
  • to promote international understanding
  • to attract young people for the supply chain of art business

The first partners to penetrate this mission are

The start of the headquarters of the European Retail Academy was at the EHI Retail Institute/Cologne which then was transfered to Roesrath/Germany in September 2012. Being president of the European Retail academy Prof.Dr.B.Hallier is also publisher of "Culture and History of Commerce" and " Collectors and Sponsors of Commerce". Last but not least he started the exbibition Student Art in October 2012.

The Forum Art Business is further promoted by

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