Welcome at the file of the patrons, sponsors and collectors of commerce. The file is as well as a tool for those who look for information also for those who want to contribute by further sources or even new persons. Of course even when now at the moment the idea is to publish volume 2 in the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008, it will be also from that time on an ongoing process.

The list is in alphabetical order with the family first and Christian name second. In column 3 a city is listed ? sometimes chosen from different areas in which the person listed was active. Column 4 is the country especially for those not being familiar perhaps with Europe. Column 5 and 6 describe the status of the work: a ?s? in 5 stands for ?started?, a ?f? for ?finished? and ?r? for ?revision?; the last one happens especially for cases which had been printed in volume 1, but where additional material has arrived for reprint in volume 2. Column 6 shows by ?x? if a picture is included or if there is an open field EHI/ERA would be happy to get a hint of a source.

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