European Competence Centre for Vocational Training (Retail/Wholesale)

New Skills

October 2010: EPC Issue Paper N01 (Skills and education for growth and well-being in Europe 2020): More information

August 2010: Overview of ESCO(European classification of Skills, Competences and Occupations): (More information)

April 2010: Study: Sector Councils on Employment
More information

April 08-09th 2010:
Conference "New skills for new jobs for a more competitive Europe", Barcelona
More information

March 2010: Questionnaires for the three EU-Hearings of the Social Dialogue Commerce in Vienna, Helsinki and Athens
Questionnaire in Englisch here;
Questionnaire in German here

February 22nd 2010: CSR Workshop on Education, Brussels
Presentation of EVTA - the European Vocational Training Association

February 4th 2010: Conference ?New Skills for New Jobs: Action Now? in Brussels by the EU Commission
Short summary of the conference, the PowerPoint presentations given by the experts, opening speeches and the expert group report at the Website

January 27th 2010: Conference ?Karrierechancen im Handel?, Vienna
Short information about the conference and the presentations of the experts can be found here, at Website

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