25.01.2019 : CORP 2019

The international Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning (CORP) is inviting for its 24th Conference on April 2nd - 4th, 2019 into the city of Karlsruhe/Germany (Download Program)

Co-organizer will be the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), which has more than 9.000 employees and an annual budget of 800 million Euro. According to Prof.Dr.Hallier/ERA this conference brings together experts from all over the world as can be seen already at the January status quo of the Worldmap.

15.01.2019 : EuroCIS

Started in 1992 as an annual congress show to bridge the years between the triennial EuroShop exhibition meanwhile EuroCIS is an annual hot spot for the European retail technology. During the EuroShop years as a special segment and in the two years in-between as a well-respected stand-alone exhibition in the caliber of market-leader!

EuroCIS covered in 2018 a floor-space of 14.400 square meters net, occupied by 468 exhibitors. It attracted 12.000 visitors. "Also in 2019 we expect many international visitors - combining the fair events in Düsseldorf with store visits of the European Retail Academy in the North Rhine Westfalia region" (see also LINK) Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated.

06.01.2019 : Entrepreneurship

In Zagreb/Croatia a World Congress of Entrepreneurs was organized jointly by business, universities and local, regional and national governments mainly from the area of former Yugoslavia plus Austria and Germany. It was a call to encourage the civil society to participate in a social market economy and the spirit of entrepreneurship. The backstage organization will monitor and support the activities gathered in the Horizon 2020 Initiative of the European Union.

To underline the importance a monument was established to remind of the Zagreb-Declaration (read here), which will be followed by a 2019 Congress in the city of Skopje/Macedonia.

20.12.2018 : CZ Summit

"The CZ Retail Summit is the biggest conference-player of its kind within Central Eastern Europe and a Lighthouse for the transformation from Socialism towards Market Economy" Prof.Dr.B Hallier - who had been awarded by the VSE University Prague in 2011 (YouTube) - stated in an interview. The Summit was started with joint three colums: Retail Association, VSE University and Government.

Meanwhile the Congress has changed from problems of transformation to consumer-demand-orientation! In 2018 altogether 1065 participants listened to 112 speakers! In 2019 the topic of the Conference (Feb.4th-6th) will be "Customer Experience"; more: www.retail21.cz

10.12.2018 : Hall of Fame

In 2006 the European Retail Academy decided to honor each year one outstanding personality, who beside his/her work as a researcher contributes also by building bridges between theory and applied sciences or via social or cross-border activities.

For 2019 ERA President Prof.Dr.Hallier appointed Prof.Dr.Raekwon Chung/ Nobel Peace Laureate 2007 from Korea. "The nomination of Prof.Chung is a support for a Global House of Harmony based on the integration of Economics, Ecology and Ethics" Hallier stated (Hall of Fame).

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