30.10.2020 : Respect and Trust

"My first meeting in Moscow 1990 was with the still All-Sowjet Institute for Trade under the leadership of Prof.Dr.Tvildiani from Georgia; introduced by my East German counter-part flying with the East German Airline Interflug" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers."Today neither the Sovjet Union does exist anymore nor the East German DDR or Interflug, but within the last 30 years there are lots of friendships with personalities from Russia and beyond its borders which was formerly the SU." Hallier added. "In our holistic political evaluation we have to see both: the history of those countries with ours as well as the eyes of our partners and the human beings who each have a bio with an impact of their own historical social environments". See also: Interview January 2011 as a special guest of Radio Voice of Russia about the topic: How Germany has survived the economic crisis and what are the prospects of the unified Germany in the global system of relations: Link


"I met for example Prof.Dr.Nicolai D.Kolesov from the St.Petersburg State University, who was the youngest planner under Stalin and who even within the age of 90 years knew budget-figures of todays Russia by heart; Juri Starovatikh, Honorary Member of the Hero-City of Wolgograd who initiated the city partnership with the West-German city of Cologne heavily destroyed in World War II; Prof.Dr.Malyschkov from the Moscow Government being responsible for the distribution during the difficult transformation from Socialism towards the first steps of market economy; with Prof.Dr. Tabolin I was hunting in the NorthEast at the Russian-Chinese border and with Prof.Dr.Kisselev I was driving fom Kemerowo to the city of Tomsk through the Taiga landscape; Prof.Dr.Leonid Strovskiy from Yekaterinburg in the Ural translating with his team my book Culture and History of Trade into the Russian language; Prof.Dr.Oleg Oshkordin reported about his experiences as a young soldier in the German city of Dresden and both of us visited Dresden in 2011 to enjoy jointly the development after reunification; Prof.Dr.M.Fedorov from the USUE as my partner at the Youth Forum (at the photo with Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr. Aumann) - became also together with me driver for the EXPO 2017 in Astana/Kazakhstan; our Ukraine partners Prof.Dr.Lev Sarkisjan from Donestsk and Prof.Dr.Nina Ushakova from Kiev; never forgotten will be the emotional sailing-tours around the Skagerag in the Baltic Sea with the four-mast ship Padua/Kruzenshtern (today based at Kaliningrad/Koenigsberg) under the commanders Kolomenski, Sedov and Novikov who each due to their difference of age did have other styles of leadership - just to be mentioned as examples of the list of wonderful people from the ERA-network out of the former SU Academia. This human layer then has to be connected with the background of the historic Russian Soul in literature, music and painting to get a feeling about why dialogues in our Civil Society are of utmost importance for global understanding and Peace Processes" Hallier summarized his point of view.

25.10.2020 : Going Hybrid

Due to Corona one of the big challenges for the educational sector is going hybrid Prof.Dr.Hallier stated after the Magros Conference organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the magazin Suvremena trgovina/Croatia.


One of the pioneers of digital communication within the professors of the European Retail Academy is according to Hallier his friend Prof.Dr.Theodor Purcarea from the Romanian American University (RAU) in Bucarest. "Using Holistic Marketing Management already for years for the digital dialogue beyond borders also connected with tools of social media for further communication is a benchmark for European Academia" Hallier added. "RAU's hybrid Opening Ceremony of the New Academic Year 2020/2021 shows how to link education and teaching with aspects of health in the new Corona-virus impacted times which might become a normal for us in the near future; Corona became an accelerator for technical innovation and change of consumer behaviour !" Hallier claimed (see also News Shymkent at Link).

15.10.2020 : German Reunification

"My MA-thesis at Hamburg University was a comparison of economic reform potential in East Germany, the Czech-Slovak Republic and Yugoslavia" Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers the beginning of the 70ies "but in the 80ies our focus was the integration of West Europe. The East got lost from our research screen : we were busy to optimize our international distribution; the Fall of the Wall in autumn 1989 came for all of us as a total surprise".


"Nevertheless I was on a private initiative already in February 1990 visiting together with some retail-friends Dr.Klaus Wenzel of the East German Trade Institute - touring with him HO-stores, coops, department stores in East-Berlin - and signing in Leipzig at the University a contract with Prof.Dr.Klitzsch for scientific cooperation. In the summer vacations 1990 we exchanged 80 students for vocational training to West Germany. My Call was answered by West German companies for sponsorships and families being ready to host at their homes the East German students. We all had been inspired by thankfullness for the German peaceful Reunification and the international setting (2 plus 4 talks in Moscow) for a joint East - West balanced Peace Contract and Vision of Co-Development" Prof.Dr.Hallier added.

02.10.2020 : Trade & Logistics

The reputed trade Conference MAGROS in Zagreb is organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Croatia/Slovenia and the magazin Suvremena Trgovina. It is one of the biggest events for retail/wholesale in this area. The 2020 Conference will be attended among others by the Minister of Economics of Croatia, Dr. Tomislav Covic ; the introduction into the Retail trends 2020 will be delivered by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (full progam: see LINK Magros). One day later in the city of Osijek the traditional logistics conference BMLL will be held (Link).


For Hallier the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the understanding for the historical/cultural background are very important for a peaceful Pan Balkan development (Link). "This is the region where the Habsburg Monarchy and the Osman Empire stood for controversies between Orient and Okzident : here World War I started and where in World War II and in the inner-Yugoslavian War in the 90ies of the last century ethnical and religious differences clashed. We have to support economic, ecological and ethical options for a sustainable development across borders at the Balkan territories" he stated at the Conference announcement.

30.09.2020 : Partner of Transformation

"Due to the chances Germany got in 1989/1990 by the Reunification I felt the obligation as the managing director of the EHI Retail Institute to support Prof.Jindra in the knowledge transfer towards a social market economy in the Czech-Slovak Republic." Prof.Dr.Hallier remembers. "We discussed topics in workshops with entrepreneurs of start-ups and disseminated the results by lectures or via the national press - or even published a tri-lingual Special in preparation of the EU-accession."


"Those initiatives of Civil Society created the conditions for groupings like industry associations and employers' federations to emerge. The process of privitization started primarily in the trade and services sectors. They were the innovation drivers in those disruptive times". In 2011 Prof.Hallier was awarded with a doctor honoris causa by the VSE Prague Link) .

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